Jan. 20th, 2015

Lunch date

Jan. 20th, 2015 09:56 pm
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I managed to get them to meet me for lunch today. He had some things to attend to and took a day off to manage them.

But I asked about getting together for lunch and that was more than acceptable.

We ate, and talked about things like change. He's contemplating a new career, and this is very scary for everyone because it's a risk and an unknown.

I've been very supportive through all of this, and I took the opportunity to point out two things that they might not have considered:

1. Last year, they made a massive, sweeping change to their lives. It took time and work, but the changes are positive and the outcome is making everyone's lives easier and more pleasant.
He blinked at me in surprise and didn't know what I meant.
She smiled and nodded knowingly, and agreed with me.
We both explained to him that I was referring to the part where they added me to their lives.
Big change, scary at times, required work, but worth it in the end.

2. As a result of that change, they have more resources than they did two years ago when he first started thinking about this. They have a third adult to help with logistics. They have a person who can step in and take over kid duty if needed. They have a person who can help get the kids to school or home from school. They have someone to vent to if necessary.

And the two of them looked at each other and I could see some of the anxiety dissipate. I pointed out that when He goes out of town for his job (a trip that happens every year and is a week long) she will have me to help out, and in fact I'll just move in for the week and be a helpful second adult in the house.

So while my lunch date didn't include any intimate time, it did include some good conversation and affection.

I get to go over there on Friday to spend the night. I'm excited about that.

I'm also going to their place for their Superbowl Party which is a non-football party on the night of the game for people who don't care about football. Their theme is Superheroes. I might even costume for it.

After all, we're a Super Team, ourselves. Probably more Justice League than Avengers, but hey. (If we're Avengers, I'm still Tony Stark, as it happens. He is my Steve. Mwa ha ha.)


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