Feb. 24th, 2015

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The weekend of the 14th was full of upheaval and terror, but not in my relationship.

There was a car accident. No one was seriously hurt, but their vehicle was totaled.

This dramatically shifted the timbre of the weekend, of course.

I still gave them the gift I had planned, but instead of a romantic date, they used the time to recover and deal with logistics. I had a fantastic time, though. I'd saved some money aside for it and I took the kiddos to an arcade and a movie. It was an awesome day for us.

They also better understand about my schedule and my needs on Sundays, so things are becoming much more awesome.

But it does mean that we didn't get in any play time that weekend. Oh well.

This past weekend was all the things, all the time.
Our anniversary, for one thing. That annual event that seems to have all the right circumstances for us to connect was, as usual, very uneven but overall great.
We got to have some time together, we got to have some social time with lots of other people, and the two of them were publicly affectionate with me, which is something that continues to surprise me. I'm not surprised by the affection so much as I am surprised by how much I enjoy it.

And we opened ourselves to new experiences, which was also amazing. I'm only going to say that I learned that four grown adults do not in fact fit in a double-bed.

I've requested a check-in conversation, which I desperately need. He agrees; she hasn't said anything either way. The check-in isn't negative; I want to talk about how amazing everything was, discuss the ways in which this might shift any boundaries, and double-check that we're all on the same page (or at least the same chapter) about everything.

I also want to reassure my girlfriend that I worship and adore her. I honestly don't know if she needs this reassurance, but I need to give it.

The good news is that I get to have lunch with her today. The bad news is that I am then working 6 days in a row straight through the weekend.
ANd the following weekend is a more different event.

It's a busy season.

Hence, the check-in.
Checking in is what affords us Grace, after all.


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