Aug. 10th, 2015

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I say this to everyone.

No one quite believes me.

I'm a bottomless pit when it comes to sexual attention. I always seem to want more sex than the person or people I'm with.

My Lovelies have been fabulous with me for the last year and a half. He takes it as a personal challenge that I'm a bottomless pit and has taken some time to see if he can find the actual bottom of the pit.
On rare occasions, he has.

Last weekend, however, we didn't get anywhere near the bottom.

And when I realized that I wasn't going to get any more, I decided to go on home and let them attend to the things that they needed to do.
After all, I have tools at my house. (Some of them plug into the wall.)

However, when I explained why I was sweeping out the door, He was puzzled, then bewildered, then horrified and scrambled around trying to figure out how to help. I finally managed to get through to him that I acknowledged this as *my issue* and that I was going to leave in order to resolve it myself. This was not DRAMA, just a situation that I wanted to deal with on my own.

I also got a flurry of texts, to which I responded, "Your bottomless pit adores you, too."

I am what Dr. Emily Nagoski calls a "redliner", one of those in the minority who react to stressful situations with an increased interest in sex.
My MP/Husband is a "Flatliner", someone who reacts to stressful situations with a severely decreased interest in sex.

I suspect that my boyfriend is a redliner; who has had a significant amount of stress reduced in his life recently. He just changed jobs (same career, new employer) and that situation is working out for him. He's happy, balanced, cheerful, and relaxed, whereas at this time last year he was a basket case holding a ball of stress. So while my never-ending desire was something that neatly dovetailed into his stress-desire, now my stress-desire is outstripping his "usual" level of desire.

Well. It was bound to happen sometime.


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