Apr. 21st, 2017

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Looks like the last time I posted, it was on LJ.
But the Russians are looking, and I'm part of the Ghey Agenda, so I figured I'd jump ship and come over here.

I like "Dreamwidth". Wide dreams. Dream wide.

But, over in the other journal, I was sharing a dramatic moment. Fortunately everything worked out right in the end, and all of our communication was improved.

The only poly drama I have to report is that I would like to have a state-of-the-union conversation with all of my partners, which is ridiculously difficult to do for dumb logistical reasons. The short form is that I can't put my MP in a house or space with kids in it, and my Lovelies have two children who require supervision.


However, eventually the hoops will be jumped through, the paperwork filed, time reordered, the world turned upside down... and then we can all be some kind of poly family together. For now, it's the old puzzle of the goose, the grain, and the fox.

A few months ago, my MP's play partner bailed on him, and that was tough. On the other hand, another partner reappeared, and has been particularly helpful. In this journal I give people silly names or titles, so let's call her Aloha. (Ironically, her name does NOT start with "A". My MP has a "thing" for women with "A" names. Aloha doesn't even have an "A" in her name. LOL.)

Aloha and I have been good friends, and I had told her while he was away that if she liked him she had my blessing to pursue him. She's an introvert who nevertheless likes to join in on whatever fun floats past her when she's feeling social. This dovetails neatly into my extroverted tendency to say, "Hey gang! Let's go do a thing! I'm doing the thing. Who else wants to do the thing?"

And she's a sub, which helps too. Of course, she's an introverted sub, and sometimes he frets that he's not doing the right thing because she doesn't always initiate communication. I pointed out that she responds well to other people initiating the conversation, and so he reaches out to her. They are having a lot of fun, and kind of being the right thing for each other at the right time.

So we are buzzing along, busy bees.

For the time being I have computer access so I might be posting more often.


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