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Last weekend was excellent. There was talking, touching, reconnection time, and working out some of the details.

Unfortunately She was not well enough to play.

Fortunately He was well enough (and ravenous.)

As a result, I'm now leaning toward her and hoping that we can have some girl time together.

A mutual friend is coming in to town tomorrow, and so She asked me if I'd be part of a Girls' Night, starting with going to the mall and finishing up at a local theme bar.

Well. All right then.
Saturday I do have to work but it shouldn't be too demanding. (Therefore if we stay out past midnight I won't be wrecked the next day.)

Starting this Sunday, I'm staying with them through Wednesday night, including picking Him up at the airport after his trip and running him home.
On Saturday, I might take the kids out to do something fun (movie? Arcade?) so that They can have a night together before he goes on his trip. Of course, that depends upon what They want to do. They might want to put the kids to bed early and throw me down on the bed. It's certainly possible.
Mwa ha ha.

Next week, I'm hoping for some girl time. There are a few small windows of opportunity, including Monday morning before I leave for work.

We'll have to see.

On the 31st, we all have a date together.
I'm considering renting a hotel room with a king-sized bed for that day.
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