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My husband is back in this state.

I got to drive down to pick him up and bring him to the rehabilitation facility in a neighboring town. He will be there until the fall, when he is finally released.

It was tough to have him for a day and then give him back. *sigh*

I had considered carefully how I was going to have The Discussion with him, and had settled on waiting until near the end of the road trip, say with two hours left to go. That way, if it went badly we wouldn't have hours and hours of awkwardness, but I'd have enough time to help him get his head back on straight before depositing him.

However, we got to about four hours from our destination, and took a wrong turn. (Or rather, we failed to make the turn that would keep us on the same highway. Augh.) I tried to utilize my phone's map, but that's extremely difficult to do while driving.
So I asked him to look at it, hoping that he wouldn't "fiddle around" with the thing. After all, there are photos on there of my time with my lovelies, not to mention the text messages.

And he hadn't had his hands on a phone, computer, tablet, or other device in the last 4+ years.

He turned it off and back on again because we'd traveled out of signal range and it was having a hard time figuring out that there was signal again. Of course, once he did that, the phone alerted him to the fact that I had messages waiting.

I heard the tone and thought, "Oh, please let them be ordinary messages..."

"Hey, our friends from Wisconsin sent you a message asking if you'd gotten me home ok."

Oh, good.

"Oh, and Moon Goddess (not her real name) texted wanting to know if everything is OK. Should I answer?"


All my hair stood up on end.
"NOPE," I said and snatched the phone right out of his hand.
He started to splutter at me indignantly (and no one splutters better than he does) so I smoothly cut him off with, "I do not want you looking at my messages. Unless you want to have THAT discussion. Are we going to have THAT discussion now?"

No, we apparently were NOT going to have THAT discussion.

Instead, we had the discussion about THAT discussion. I admit, a part of me is just staring at him and thinking, "Dude, just let me tell you what's going on. This doesn't have to be stupid and complicated." I don't let that wolf win.

However, he did admit that the "not knowing" part was likely making him more crazy. He just wasn't ready to discuss it yet, and he's not actually finished with his sentence. I predicted this as one of the outcomes; that he wouldn't want to even discuss it until he was finally free.

So I let him know that I was ready to talk about it whenever he was ready to talk about it.

And then we had the much more important conversation about OUR relationship. I reminded him that I'm not going anywhere, that we're together and that he's mine, and I'm his. I also pointed out that I'm my own person, and he's his own person, too. I got to remind him that I love him and I accepted him and embraced him, and that I married him AFTER the charges were filed. He admitted that he was quite an anomaly; He has no tattoos, he has a significant other who not only married him after the charges were filed, I kept his house for him and am ready to welcome him home with open arms.
And a pile of my hot female friends.

We discussed the Pile Of Hot Ladies I'm trying to put together for his homecoming party. We talked about the "Veto" list which was shorter than I expected. One person he put forth because he was concerned about being incompatibly crazy with her. The other is in a committed relationship, and therefore unlikely to be available anyway.

My Lovely Moon Goddess was NOT on the veto list. Interesting.

Another friend was not on the veto list, someone who has shown significant interest in the "rehabilitating my husband" project. In fact, she was interested in something involving the both of us. The last time he saw her, she was a little bit young for him. Interestingly, five years can make a hell of a difference. In fact, I think it's been six years since he saw her, since she disappeared off the radar when she went back to school.

So there might have to be two piles of hot ladies: One to welcome him home with cuddles, hugs, and maybe the occasional smooching. Clothes on, feeding him tidbits, rubbing his shoulders and petting his hair.
The other one... would be more intimate. Clothes off, more aggressive fondling, possibly even have it evolve into something like an orgy. Or a reverse gang-bang?
LOL #pimpmyhusband

I also got to have a day with him this week. He can apply for a pass to leave the facility, he just has to tell them where he's going and what he's doing while he's gone. This time, he got a pass to "Go home."

I got to bring him home for an afternoon!

It was three hours well spent. Mwa ha ha ha...
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