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Not enough time to go around. Not enough me, either.

I got another day with my husband last week. This wasn't a date, though. We did errands. I had to drive in horrific weather to get to him, and when I got there we were both stressed.

It was not a good morning.

Then we got something to eat and got everything smoothed out. That was better.

I also pointed out to him that there are hotels in the area, and that one of these visits ought to have a "date" in it. He agreed.

In the mean time I got my date with my lovelies. Unfortunately, I was almost too tired to appreciate it. We even had a hot waiter flirting with us at the restaurant. I felt like I was going to pass out.
Then He unbuttoned his shirt at me and I felt my energy levels spike back up.
He noticed the change right away and started being goofy and overplaying it, further unbuttoning his shirt and making faces.
She laughed.
I just raised an eyebrow and purred, "You think you're being silly. I'm not laughing. I am, however paying very close attention."

At the end of the meal, I needed change for the huge 50 dollar bill in my wallet. I asked the waiter for change and he looked at me through his thick lashes. "How do you want it?" he asked softly.
I said, "Twenties and a ten, please," but smiled broadly.
She was snickering next to me.

I suggested that we might find a local hotel with a king sized bed, and invite the hot waiter to join us.
She made approving noises, but He was very clear: OH HELL YES. He liked the hot waiter, too.


We did not, in fact, seduce that poor member of the waitstaff. It was fun to fantasize about it, though.

However, that date on Friday burned the rest of what I had for the week.
I'm operating at a deficit now.

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