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Once upon a time...

You know. It wasn't one time.

At many points in my life, I have had a medium-sized group of really close friends. Sure, there was "dating" going on within the group, certain people hooked up, broke up, hooked up with other people...
But the whole group was friendly, affectionate, and comfortable together. I used to have parties that included at least one "backrub chain." I threw parties (or, more accurately parties spontaneously happened) where the fun went on until people simply fell over where they were and spent the night cuddling random friends.

I used to attend and sometimes throw the kind of parties where one could simply walk in, take one's clothes off and stay for a nice evening.

None of the above had to do with sex, or hooking up with a specific person, or orgies.

They were comfortable, intimate puppy piles.

Somewhere along the line, such groups of friends shift. Some people leave, some people change, some people announce that they've grown out of such nonsense. Some people marry other people who don't like their spouse cuddling in a big mixed group. Some people divorce their spouse that enjoyed such activities.

It's like the harmonics of the group become off somehow, and the piles and parties just stop happening.

Flash forward to right now:
In one of my circles of friends, the harmonics are coming together for this kind of a group. We're getting there by strange routes, silly party games and whatnot, but we're getting there.

Some of my friends from previous groups like this are returning to my regular social schedule. They're getting along great with the new friends and faces.

So I'm walking around with stars in my eyes because this kind of thing is fleeting and magical.

But the part of me that thinks about things, analyzes them, and seeks patterns in the chaos is asking questions this time around.

What destroys the harmony? Why CAN'T such a group maintain its level of comfortable intimacy indefinitely? Well, WHY NOT? )
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Aside from specific stories, it turns out that my journal is a bunch of random ramblings.

Not that that's a bad thing! I'll cut the ramblings. )
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Was invited to an orgy last night.


THAT takes me back. Due to several factors, I had to decline, but I hope that my answer was sufficiently, "Not right NOW, thanks" and not too much, "Um, no. Nay. Never."

Dear Dionysus;
What pretty trinket do I have to sacrifice to you to arrange a special Summer of LUUUUV this year? I could possibly throw some booze into the backyard...
My darling child, Lollypox:
First of all, remember to address me correctly. "Dear" is nice, but we Greek Gods need our apellations to be a wee bit more pretty than that. Of course, remember not to flatter unrealistically. *Enigmatic smile.*

Secondly, throwing booze into the backyard is a waste of perfectly good booze. I'll send you an avatar to soak up that nice vintage you've been hoarding. (Yes. The one at the back of the cabinet that your roomates don't know about.)

Thirdly, remember that I adore Theater and properly giving oneself over to madness. Arrange for me a special sacred event, during which the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" rule is strictly enforced. Look the other way while people indulge in whatever expands their minds... and make sure no one has to drive anywhere or work in the morning.
Then, play Charades, get sozzled, and make out with everybody.


Yeah, I'll make sure my Avatar is there. heh. *Looks around frantically for an avatar...*

All my love,
Lyaeus Dionysus


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