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During the week after Father's Day, I get to drive a few states away to pick up my husband and bring him back to this area.

He'll be in a rehabilitation facility; what they used to call a halfway-house. This program is designed for people who have no outside support, but he signed up for it in order to get a chance to come back to his home area sooner. He'll be about 45 minutes from home!

What's more, he asked if he could arrange his own transportation. He wasn't looking forward to a bus trip that might take close to 24 hours to manage, plus trying to figure out how to get from downtown to way out in the country.

So I get to drive down and pick him up, and bring him back to St. Louis myself! It's going to be about a 14 hour trip, not counting meal break stops. I'll have to do all of the driving since his license expired while he was in.

I'm full of feels.
I'm excited about having him back, thrilled to be making the trip and getting one on one unsupervised time with him, and some of the relief at being finished with this whole business is starting to leak through, too.

I'm nervous about what kind of shape he's going to be in, what kind of people we are now, and how that's going to change our relationship. I knew there would be changes. I'm good at change. It doesn't make it any easier or less frustrating.

And of course I'm anxious about the serious conversation we need to have about my current situation with my Lovelies. There are so many ways for that to go, and while I feel confident that he won't throw down an ultimatum, I don't know what he's going to need to be comfortable. This could turn into a countdown clock to when he is finally at home in the fall, or it could turn into any number of other things.

In the mean time, I'm out of "days off" until my trip. Fortunately, my Lovelies and I made the most of Tuesday. (Whew. And how.)
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